Reluctant Partners - The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 4
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Thony waits at the warehouse for Fiona and Chris to get out of the van but finds out from the driver that they were left in the desert.

In the desert, Fiona, Chris, and Camilla are walking, hoping to find people, but only see desert.

Nadia takes money out of the safe at the club and pays a local bounty hunter to find Arman.

Dante calls Jorge and tells him about Thony's situation.

Jorge and Ramona visit Nadia at the club, as they know she went to a bounty hunter. Ramona tells her she wants to help her find Arman in a way they are all protected.

Thony goes home to tell JD she's leaving to get Fiona, and he's upset with her. He also reminds her the interview with the case worker is the following day.

Thony travels with men from the warehouse going back into the desert.

Russo talks to Nadia at the club and tells her that Kamdar's accounts are being frozen, so she will no longer have the money to get Arman back.

Fiona, Chris, and Camilla continue walking, and they spot a water station, but once they arrive there, the water jugs are empty.

Jorge cuts off the truck Thony is in, forcing her out. The two then drive further into the desert to where the coyotes said Fiona and company were left.

Chris passes out at the water station, and Fiona leaves him and Camilla to look for help.

Jorge and Thony arrive where Fiona and Chris were left, but they aren't there.

Chris wakes up with Camilla, and they eat fruit from cactus.

Nadia returns to the office at the club and finds the safe ajar. Inside is a picture of Arman with $100 million written on it. She calls Russo but then hangs up.

Jorge and Thony keep looking in the desert, but after they can't find them, Jorge tells Thony they have to leave and call border control, which causes Thony to break down. Soon after, she finds Chris's hat, and they spot the water station but don't see anyone once they get there.

Nadia shows Ramona the picture of Arman and confides in her about the FBI freezing Kamdar's estate.

Fiona finds others in the desert, and they lead her to a van preparing to leave the area. Fiona pleads with the driver to go back for Chris and Camilla.

Jorge and Thony are held up by vigilantes, who speak to their cohorts over the radio, who confirm they're tracking a van currently. Jorge and Thony eventually get the drop on them, and after getting the van's location, Jorge chooses to leave them out in the desert without water or a means to get back.

The vigilantes shoot at the van carrying Fiona, Chris, and others, and when they shoot the driver, the truck becomes stuck, filling with carbon monoxide. Fiona helps poke holes in the back for people to breathe but then passes out.

Thony and Jorge get to the truck and help people out. Thony performs CPR on Fiona, and she wakes up.

Fiona and Chris return home, and Camilla is taken to her mother.

Jorge comes to see Thony, and she gives him what she found in the van carrying Arman.

Ramona summons Nadia to a rooftop, where they watch Kamdar's sportsbook explode. Ramona tells her she can use the insurance payout for herself now.

The Cleaning Lady
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The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Russo: We're freezing Kamdar's estate until his case goes to trial.
Nadia: You can't do that.
Russo: Well, we can if all of his assets were tied to illegal activity.
Nadia: You know I need that money to get Arman back.
Russo: And I need to keep large amounts of cash out of criminal's pockets. So, I guess the next time you go shoe shopping, it's gonna have to be at the five and dime.

Thony: Okay, I understand that you're worried. I would be, too. But you have to trust me on this one.
JD: That's just it. I don't.