Thony: It’s a new drug that helps with liver failure.
Doctor: It’s not FDA-approved yet.
Thony: No, but many countries have used it successfully.
Doctor: But not here, and even if it were legal, I’m his doctor, not you! It’s unethical to treat another member of your family, and it’s illegal to administer those drugs.
Fiona: We have no other option.

Thony: I’m sorry, Garrett.
Garrett: You’re sorry? Does that word have any meaning to it, or have you gotten so good at lying and covering up the truth that you don’t even recognize it?

Please don’t let my son pay for my mistakes. I need those drugs!


Nadia: I did it, but he’s still alive because your cleaning lady gave him CPR and saved him. Now I’m trapped, and he won’t let me go.
Arman: I’ll come to get you.
Nadia: No, Arman, we can’t have him suspect anything.

I never stopped trusting you. I know you did this to protect me, but you need to understand. I need to have my family back.


Thony: I did what I had to because of Fiona. Garrett told me he’d help me get her back if I delivered Kamdar.
Katherine: Now, he’s dead because of it.

Jaz: What if you get deported?
Fi: Maybe your dad...
JD: Oh Fi, you know I’ve got them. That’s something you don’t have to worry about, okay?

Chris: I’m not even supposed to be here. I’m TNT.
Fiona: You’re wrong. Everything I did, I did for you. Every sacrifice I made, Every lie I told, every toilet I cleaned, it was so you could have a life here. You’re not throwing that away, you hear me?

Dr. De La Rosa is an active asset in a federal case. She has to be released.


So, everyone knew but me? I’m not a kid anymore. You should have told me.


We got him.


Nadia: You mean she needs them? Armando, I’m risking my life to save yours.
Arman: Nadia, her son needs them, and this is not up for debate.