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-Kyle returns. Everyone is furious. Kyle tries to bond with the kids but they're angry and upset.

-Kyle begs Riley to take him back. When she won't he becomes angry and says she's not an easy person to come back to. Riley kicks him out.

-Riley tells Evan that she's not taking Kyle back and that she doesn't regret the kiss they shared. Kyle spots them holding hands.

-Worried about the authorities coming after her, Georgia takes a vacation and leaves Riley in charge. The state trooper who pulled Riley over comes into the spa telling her she needs him as a friend if she wants to avoid trouble.

-Georgia tells Riley to take the client list home with her but she forgets. She runs back to the spa late at night and Kyle follows, wondering what she's hiding. When Riley trips the alarm, the state trooper arrives as Riley tries to hide the book.

The Client List
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The Client List Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm confused and frustrated and so furious I could just spit.


There's nothing that I could do or say to make up for what I've done.