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-When Riley gives an extra to Grant, a new client, Kendra panics because it is her fiance's friend. When Grant threatens to tell him about the goings on at The Rub, Riley reminds him that the truth could jeopardize his law career.

-Lacy wants to start a family but her husband Dale says he isn't ready and they argue.

-Riley doesn't want to attend the annual charity dance because she's always gone with Kyle but when Taylor pushes her buttons, she changes her mind.

-Linette tells Taylor that Kyle got a great promotion in Dallas and that's why he hasn't come home. Evan agrees to fill in for Kyle as Riley's date.

-At the dance, Georgia recognizes Garrett, Linette's date but doesn't remember from where.

-Evan goes for a job interview for coach of the local football team but turns it down when he realizes that they really wanted his brother. He misses the dance but buys Riley the top auction item, a 5-star trip to Galveston.

-When everyone assumes Kyle bought the trip, Riley decides to come clean and tells everyone that he left her and the kids weeks ago.

The Client List
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The Client List Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

An athlete and a scholar? Where were you when I was 22?


Linette: The last thing I want for you is to be that poor girl whose husband ran off.
Riley: Newsflash Momma, I am that girl.