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-Georgia puts the spa on high alert when she suspects a police raid. 

-Lacy confronts Riley about the money in her freezer and is horrified to learn what her friend really does at the spa.

-Lacy is angry at Riley but agrees to keep quiet.

-Riley agrees to a play date with Mark and his kids but when the adults start flirting, Mark asks Riley out.  She hesitates to answer.

-Evan considers telling Riley how he feels until he meets Mark at her place.

-Riley is pulled over by a police officer who visited her at the spa.  He suspects what happens there and tells Riley that the next time he pulls her over she won't get off with just a warning.

The Client List
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The Client List Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

You're talking to a guy who just punched himself out of a job.


It's so hot I'm sticking to the friggin' chair