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"The Cold Hard Truth" tested friendships and strained alliances, as the risks of Riley's new profession were made clear.

After Lacy found the cash in Riley's freezer in last week's Client List episode, I expected her to confront her friend right away. Instead, she waited until the AC repairman was in the room. Apparently Lacy's better at making sideways comments that imply her meaning instead of just coming out with it, but eventually she gets there.

Unfortunately, Riley's explanation didn't hold up for long and Lacy came back with a more direct approach. I was a little surprised Lacy's reaction was so harsh. Riley's her best friend. I would think Lacy would be more worried for Riley than angry.

Riley Makes Man Happy

I loved the humor of them having to sit through Pretty Woman after the big reveal. Talk about a way to ruin a classic romantic comed. And Lacy's asking Riley if she'd washed her hands was really cold. No one can get a good dig in like an angry friend.

I was a little surprised by how vehemently Riley defended her job. I did think that Lacy underestimated how difficult it was to pay the bills on her own but Riley seemed to look upon herself more as a therapist than a masseuse giving extras. I think that Riley's simply enjoying the feeling of being in control of her own life for the first time in her adult life.

But the risks are huge. The cop pulling her over could have gone in such a bad direction. I certainly didn't believe that he randomly pulled over Riley. He's targeting the ladies at the spa and this game could become dangerous very quickly. I'm not sure even Georgia's watchful eye can keep them safe.

On the other hand, Riley's love life had its own complications as she indulged in a play date. I always thought play dates were just for kids but this one took a distinctly adult turn.

Mark's a nice, successful guy and he obviously liked Riley, but I still think it's too soon for her to jump into anything right now. Some time on her own might do Riley some good. No matter how sweet and simple Mark says they can keep it, the reality of a relationship never works out that way.

Evan seemed destined to get his heart broken but I don't think this is the time for him to come clean about his feelings just yet. I know it's a risk but perhaps it's smarter for Evan to let Mark be the rebound guy. I could be wrong but I don't believe that Mark's the guy for Riley.

The high alert at the spa definitely cut down on the tips for everyone but Selena who figured out a way to encourage her clients to handle things themselves.  I couldn't help but laugh when she said that. I have a whole new respect for the girl.

Now that Lacy knows, who will be the next person in Riley's life to learn the truth? Linette? Evan? Neither of those will go nearly as well. How long can Riley lead this double life before the truth comes out and what will the consequences be for the girl working The Client List?

The Cold Hard Truth Review

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