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Derek has a secret that could hurt The Rub. 

Kyle asks Riley to come to the bail hearing, but she refuses to bring the kids.

One of Riley's clients wants to "splosh"

Kyle's bail is revoked.

Derek has his introduction into the other side of The Rub's business.

Linette won't admit she needs help.

Evan gets taunted at the police academy.

Nikki and Selena are at odds.

Nikki quits after a confrontation with Selena.

Linette moves in with Riley.

Derek is inducted into "The Rub Club."

Evan makes a friend at the academy.

Derek and Riley save Nikki together with Selena they agree to trust each other going forward.

Riley takes the kids to see Kyle.


The Client List
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The Client List Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Riley: Wow. Selena, I am really surprised.
Selena: What, that I knew what a splosher was?
Riley: That you can bake.

If Travis and Katie see their daddy in a jail cell, they'll never be the same again.