The Closer Season 5

"Dead Man's Hand"

This is the fifth season finale of The Closer. The episode is titled "Dead Man's Hand."

"Make Over"

On this episode, the case of a convicted murderer is overturned. The re-trail forces Brenda to ask Provenza's former partner for help.

"The Life"

The Closer returns halfway through its fifth season with this episode, titled "The Life." In it, an adolescent boy is found murdered.

"Waivers of Extradition"

This episode of The Closer is titled "Waivers of Extradition." We briefly sum it up here.

"Maternal Instincts"

A shootout is at the center of this episode. It's titled "Maternal Instincts."

"Smells Like Murder"

Brenda's niece gets in trouble on this episode of The Closer. It's titled "Smells Like Murder."

"Identity Theft"

In this episode, Brenda reopens the case of a murdered psychiatrist. Enjoy our brief recap of events.

"Elysian Fields"

Howie Greeson is found dead in this episode of The Closer. Where? In Elysian Fields.

"Strike Three"

It's "Strike Three" on The Closer. That's the name of this episode of the TNT hit.

"Tapped Out"

This is the sixth episode of The Closer's fifth season. The installment is titled "Tapped Out."

"Walking Back the Cat"

This is the fourth episode of The Closer's fifth season. Read on for a mini summary of "Walking Back the Cat."

"Red Tape"

This episode of The Closer is titled "Red Tape." During it, Sgt. Gabriel comes under investigation.

"Blood Money"

On this episode of The Closer, Brenda and the unit look into the disappearance of a shady financial investor. The installment is titled "Blood Money."

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The Closer Season 5 Quotes

Lt. Provenza: Buzz, why don't you show her one of my old interviews.
Buzz: Sure. How about the one with you and John Wilkes Booth?

The driver's throat was slashed here, spurting arterial blood. Then the victim lept over these two rows to here. He then flew over the headrest and shot himself.