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The unit investigates the puzzling death of a fellow officer's daughter this week.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the officer is sure her daughter was murdered.

A man her mother successfully prosecuted twice is a main suspect in the murder.

The victim was adopted and seeking her birth family, who turned out to be extremely wealthy.

The victim's brother killed her because of the expectation she wanted money, not because she asked.

Raydor continues to question the squad on the Turrell Baylor case.

Raydor drops a bombshell on Brenda, there is a leak in her squad room.



The Closer
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The Closer Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Raydor: At least you won't be the subject of another lawsuit.
Brenda: Well, the day's not over yet.

I feel terrible about the fish, but I'll cry later.