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Brenda finally gets the chance she has wanted to take down Philip Stroh, but it might mean the end of her career with the Los Angeles Police Department.

When Brenda meets a young, abandoned boy named Rusty, she connects with him on a level deeper than she imagined and is forced to take a hard look at her life.

Brenda realizes she would rather take down Stroh and lose her career than let him go free and continue dealing with bad men every day.

Brenda and her squad at Major Crimes say a heartfelt goodbye, but not before she finds a new role and someone on the squad to take with her into her new life.

The Closer
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The Closer Season 7 Episode 21 Quotes

Mr. Grant: Now, look, I'm not the only person Rusty sees.
Provenza: Please, I'm depressed enough.

Okay, so you're certain of his age but you don't know his name?