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The President believes that he is meeting with his chief of staff who tells him that he is weak and soft, but really it is all a dream.

Thomas brings his followers to a land they own where they are building a porthole. A man named Hanson will supply all the materials needed for more of their kind to arrive.

Diane and her husband take in Michael’s daughters. Leila still doesn’t know what they are and Michael won’t tell her.  

Sophia captures Hanson who tells them that Thomas is after the uranium. She calls the President and tells him that the only way they can stop Thomas is by building a magnetic force.

Sean runs into a couple at a bar and gets into a brawl. Later he breaks into his sisters home who gives him the pep talk he needs to continue the flight.

Meanwhile, Sophia gets the President to move the uranium because Blake convinced him that there are good aliens and Sophia is one of them.

What she didn’t know was it was all a ploy from Thomas and she took the bate.  Hanson is able to escape and in the process tries to kill Sophia, but Michael stops him.

Vicky is living in paranoia. When she gets home, she finds Sean in her home. He wants her to tell him everything.

Thomas ambushed the drivers and steals the uranium. The President is furious and believes that Sophia is to blame for duping him. He was able to track her call and finally ends the episode with a lead.

The Event
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The Event Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

We don't have the luxury to grieve, we have to find him (Thomas).


We own these homes and the land they sit on. But, this is nothing. Once we use the porthole to bring our people here, then we will own it all.