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Marcus and Tomas are chatting outside while Kat sleeps next to her computer after watching ballet, Angela rests on the couch and Henry prays next to Casey. She wants to tell him a secret. When he gets close, she wraps the chain around his neck and puts her tongue into his ear.

He goes downstairs and Angela wonders what is wrong. The look on his face is not comforting.

While the two men try to get through to Casey, Henry wanders the house looking like a completely different man. 

Angela is going through family photos and putting them into an album. Henry wonders what's on a napkin she has saved. It's his phone number from when they met. She hopes he remembers. He asks her if she believes in god, a higher power to whom they answer for their consequences. Angela gets angry and tells him not to blame this on her.

In Casey's room, she's acting like someone Tomas knows. It takes him about 20 seconds to flake out and run out of the room, upset. Marcus looked kind of embarrassed for the noob. Man up, Tomas.

While Marcus is trying to help, Casey sees the Salesman hovering over her, trying to get her to recall her purpose which is to "bring her to him."

Tomas is hearing Jessica's voice calling him.

Marcus is talking with Kat and Angela. Kat wonders if he is doing any good.

Tomas is a dumbass. Jessica calls to him and he goes into Casey's room. "You're not Jessica," he says. But he sees her and talks to her as if she's real. 

Marcus is dealing with his own demons in the room as his mother shows up, saying their lives were great until he came along. She was murdered by his dad by a hammer when he lost his pension. Mama says she should have flushed him when she had the chance. Marcus' reply? Is that all you've got?

Meanwhile Tomas is screwing Jessica. He's given up his vows. There are no priests involved with this exorcism any longer. 

And Kat? She called the police. Angela was disgusted, trying to warn Marcus who was at that very second making a breakthrough. Casey pounded him on the back and the cops dragged him away.

Kat sees Casey smile at her from the ambulance. Whoopsies. She did a bad, bad thing.

Casey implodes the ambulance and does a job on all aboard on her way out, running a bit like an ape. 

Marcus is watching the news from his jail cell. Then he realizes what Casey said to him in the foreign language. He is coming. Bennett comes to get Marcus out. 

Henry tells Angela she needs to confess. She opens the bible he hands her and sucks in her breath.

Angela goes to see Father Tomas. She tells him her story. Her childhood was hardly conventional, and thankfully she has post traumatic amnesia, doesn't remember much. Ran away from her mom who used her story to make a buck, reinvented herself. She's Regan MacNeil. She knows the demon is coming for her.

The Exorcist
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The Exorcist Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Casey: What do you want from me?
Salesman: Quit pretending. You know perfectly well what you must do. BRING HER TO ME!

Daddy? I have a secret. Wanna hear it? Closer...