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Miller discovers the dead guy is Bizi Betiko.

Everyone on the Mars ship has been interrogated, and with Naomi being the last, she's the one who is taking the most heat from the others. 

Captain Yao addresses an incoming ship. With sirens indicating they should strap in, that's what the three other than Jim do. He's in with the Captain, who is ready to finish whatever fight the ship has come for.

Chrisjen and her grandson are up on the roof looking at meteors flying through the sky. He tells her not to worry, to come play games instead.

Lopez strikes up a conversation Jim on the captain's deck. His grandfather had emigrated to Mars from Earth. He remembers the stories and wonders why Earthlings care so little for what they had when the universe has bestowed upon them so much. He worries Earthlings could get their hands on Mars and mess that up, too.

Meanwhile, back on earth people are painting Remember the Cant graffiti featuring Jim's face. Joe is tracking down leads about Bizi. He's lead to a drug den of sorts, where everyone is on their phones and an idiot is on screen trying to get into the record books by way of the slingshot club. He shows pics of Julie to see if anyone knows her and announces Bizi is dead, only to be told the idiot on screen is Bizi. OK. NOW Bizi is dead.

I'd love to know more about the point of that club.

A poor bastard is asked to request a head of operations for their project while being stuck inside an elevator type of gizmo out in the middle of two large space buildings. He represents the Mormons. The guy wants all eyes on the Donnager now.

Meanwhile, back on the Donnager, they're in CQB, close quarter battle. As Alex panics at the implications, Shed tries to calm him down, offering up some sort of drug. Just as he releases it, a missile comes through the hull and takes his head with it. Lopez wants the captain to listen to Jim because he can connect the attacking ship to the one that blew up the Canterbury.

I really want the chick to sit the hell up.

Naomi suggests one of them in the hold goes unconscious so they don't take too much air. After some bickering, Alex shoots himself with the serum. Amos and Naomi clasp hands and prepare to say goodbye. To who did she want to say it that she didn't get to, he wonders. It doesn't matter. Somehow we think it does.

While Jim is being transported, the hull is breeched. He is the only one without a weapon, so he runs while the others shoot. 

Joe calls Octavia to tell her the guy he incorrectly identified is a spoofer. She can figure the stuff out a lot easier than she can. He decides to be his own coroner and it's pretty disgusting. 

Havelock is alive! That's a shock.

Jim asks Lopez about Phoebe Bay. They arrived to find the ship dead and the bodies burned, iced inside.

The captain wants to scuttle the ship and it's a race to see who can get people to the escape vehicle. Jim gets all of his people on board and there is no one to fly. Lopez OKs Alex to do the job. Apparently it's fly one space craft fly them all, because they essentially pick up and go.

The Expanse
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The Expanse Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Captain Yao: You look nervous.
Jim: I get that way when missiles are flying at me.

Who would be insane enough to take on the Donnager in CQB?