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A Ganymede-bound aid ship “Weeping Somnambulist” is intercepted and inspected by a Martian-armored boarding party, intent of seizing the ship. These “authorities” turn out to be James Holden and Amos Burton from the Rocinante…

Captain Martens and Sergeant Draper arrive on Earth to testify about the combat incident between U.N. and Martian forces at Ganymede Station.

The U.N.S. Arboghast is approaches Venus to investigate the fate of the Eros Station.

Peace talks between Earth and Mars commence in a polite but strained proceeding.

The crew of the Rocinante bring Prax Meng up to speed about the proto-molecule. Prax explains his daughter’s medical condition. Together they plan the landing at Ganymede.

Sergeant Draper testifies about the fire-fight between UN and MCRN Marines at Ganymede Station. Draper accepts responsibility for mistaking a training exercise for an attack and her unit opening fire without orders to do so.

The Rocinante crew use the Somnambulist to reach Ganymede without detection by U.N. or Mars authorities.

Deputy Undersecretary Avasarala recalls Sergeant Draper to testify further about the incident that killed her team. Under pressure, she reveals the presence of an additional combatant not wearing a Vac Suit.

The U.N.S. Arboghast discovers a massive crater on Venus and detects biological compounds in the air above the impact site.

The Rocinante crew find themselves on a severely damaged Ganymede Station. They encounter trouble when the Somnambulist is boarded by local criminals, intent on skimming from the humanitarian goods being delivered.

In saving the Somnambulist and the relief goods from being stolen, the pilot is killed leaving his partner devastated.

The Expanse
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