Where Have You Been? - The Flight Attendant
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Cassie wants answers about the woman. 

She tells Annie everything and Annie tells her to keep it together and not to make any rash decisions. 

Cassie breaks down in her first meeting with the FBI and admits that she was with him in the room, but says he was aloive when she left. 

The feds say the Thai workers each have conflicting stories. 

Cassie is being stalked by Miranda, and Annie says she can move in with her for the time being. 

Annie thanks her. 

She goes to the Solokov business and tries to find out more about Michiel, but the workers realize that something is amiss. 

She runs out of the building and breaks something. 

She goes to a bar and gets close to a man named Buckley. 

Megan continues to find out more about what happened, while simultaneously dealing drugs. 


The Flight Attendant
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