Theo takes Ryan out of the trunk of the car and walks him through the woods. He locks him up with the agent he shot. 

Max is leading the search for Ryan, but is called away to the hospital. Mike's condition is worsening. 

Theo calls off the deal, saying he's keeping Ryan. 

Max tells Gwen that Ryan is missing as they wait for news on Mike. Mike makes it through his surgery.

Theo kills Agent Barton in front of Ryan. Eliza arrives and takes Ryan and Theo hostage. 

Max uses highway cameras to to figure out where Theo switched cars. 

Lisa is working for Eliza. Max calls Lisa to tell her about the camera and she says she'll come pick her up at the hospital. 

Lisa and Max drive around until Max spots the car. Max suggests they split up. 

Ryan breaks free of his binds and escapes. Theo also manages to get free. He finds Gwen's sonogram and tells Ryan he's going to kidnap the baby when it's born and raise it how he was.

Max finds Ryan. Theo gets to Lisa and makes her tell Gwen's guards to move her. 

Theo takes out Gwen's guards and captures her. 

Ryan catches up to Theo in a helicopter. Ryan shoots Theo in the head and saves Gwen.Theo gets up and rushs Ryan, sending both of them over the bridge. Ryan holds on for a moment, but then lets go. 

Max and Gwen are in Mike's room and she tells them that Ryan is gone. 

Ryan is alive. He sneaks into the hospital to tell Lisa he knows what she did. He demands she tell him everything he knows and then he kills her. He glances in Mike's room at his family, but leaves, letting them think he's dead. 


The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Ryan: This is now how I end. You're not the guy to do it.
Theo: You sure?
Ryan: Pretty sure.
Theo: Well, I doubt both of us will make it through this day.
Ryan, Yeah, probably not.
Theo: But hey, I can't wait to see which one of us survives.

Ryan: What did you expect? You declare war on everyone I love, I'll do anything I can to protect them.
Theo: What are they gonna do after you're gone?