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Mike is brought into the hospital. He's alive but in bad shape. 

Ryan is putting everyone in protective custody until Theo is found. 

Theo contemplates killing himself, but doesn't do it. 

Ryan asks Gwen to stay with him until Theo is caught. 

Theo renegotiates his deal and asks for a couple of guards to help him take out Ryan. 

Theo is targeting Gina and kills her protection detail. He takes her and her wife hostage. 

Ryan gets a call from Gina and realizes it's a trap. He wants to get a small group of trusted agents together and go to the safe house to rescue her. 

Theo gets a call that the deal has changed. They want Ryan alive. 

Ryan asks the team to give him ten minutes to go in alone and check on Gina. He takes out one of Theo's guards and Theo chases him into the woods. Ryan gets into the house and takes Daisy hostage, but Theo has a gun to Gina's head. Ryan is forced to drop his gun. 

Daisy shoots Gina's wife in the stomach and Gina helps her into the panic room with their kids. 

Backup arrives and Max chases after Daisy and kills her. 

Ryan chases Theo, but he shoots an agent and steals her car. He takes Ryan hostage. 

The Following
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The Following Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Max: I tried to get my gun out, but it happened so fast. He saved my life and I just sat there.
Gwen: You did everything you could.
Max: It wasn't enough. If he dies-
Gwen: I know it's difficult for you, Hardys don't understand. Some things are out of your control. This wasn't your fault.

Wrong. I want your whole entire family.

Gina; Leave her alone, I'm the one you want. Theo