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The family pack for the Turks & Caicos. Before they leave Corey's social worker drops in to tell them that they can't take Corey out of the country after his birth mother made a plea. Stef, Lena, and jesus are upset and Jesus volunteers to stay behind but Corey stays with another family instead. The family meets Eliza's bridesmaids when they get to the hotel. Jesus takes interest in one name Jayden. Mariana spends most of their trip telling Jayden that jesus is gay, discouraging their flirting, and cockblocking. Emma texts Mariana to tell her that she'l missed Jesus. He calls Mariana out on her behavior and tells her to leave him alone before taking off with Jayden. Mat finds Mariana crying and after spending most of the day flirting with Ashlwu the other bridesmaid and dealing with Mariana telling people he gave her crabs, Mat tells Mariana that it's her he wants. Brandon has Callie look over the prenup and she gives it to a friend of Aaron's to look it over. Jim asks about it and Eliza tells Brabdon he doesn't have to sign it. After Callie calls a truce with Jamie, he tells Callie that his dad's prenup is probably unfair to Brandon. Callie goes and tells Eliza tho tell Brandon. Eliza finally confronts Callie about the conversation she overheard. Things are tense between them. Eliza is upset that Brandon is working while they're on vacation. Jim noticed chemistry between Jude and Carter and doesn't like it. They continue to be rude to stef and Lena. They upstage Stef and Lena's gift by giving Eliza and Brandon a condo. Jude puts a drunk Carter to bed and Carter makes a move on him. Jude declines and Carter cries about being screwed up. Callie talks to jude about the prescription and he tells her that its recommended for all sexually active gay men and it's like taking birth control. He reminds callie that they haven't been close. Brandon tells callie that he's unsure about marrying Eliza and that she is the only one who gets him. They share a moment and separate but someone knocks on brandon's door later.
The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Eliza: Once everyone settles into their rooms, my parents are having a little welcome lunch.
Stef: Hm. A welcome lunch. I wonder if they're going to actually let us host the rehearsal dinner tonight?
Lena: Of course, they will.
Stef: They won't let us marry them. Obviously, they want us to have nothing to do with this wedding.
Lena: Will you try to behave yourself?
Stef: I always behave myself.

Scott: The judge rescinded the permission to take Corey to the wedding.
Stef: What?
Jesus: That's bullshit.
Stef: No way!