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Emma is the one who is knocking at Brandon's door. She flew all the way to the island in search of Jesus. 

Callie goes to Jamie's room, but when she gets there she sees that Mariana is there. Brandon texts Mariana and they all go to Brandon's room to talk to Emma. 

Mariana goes looking for Jesus and finds him with Jayden. He slept with her. Mariana tells him about Emma, and he freaks out not knowing what to do. Mariana tells him not to say anything to Emma. Emma and Jesus reunite, and Emma tells him how much she loves him. 

Callie and Brandon talk while in Brandon's room. She tells him that she knows how much he loves Eliza and that he needs to talk to her. They hug and Eliza sees them through the window. When Brandon tries to talk to Eliza, he gets tongue-tied when she asks if they're still getting married. 

Moms decide to go skinny-dipping in the ocean, but the staff takes their robes when they're in the water, and they're locked out of their rooms. Eliza's parents find them in the lobby wearing used towels and waiting for an extra room key. 

Mike arrives at the resort and talks to Brandon. He tells him to be his own man and assert himself. Brandon talks to Eliza and they both go talk to her parents. He signs the prenup but refuses to accept the condo, and he tells them that he will get a great job as a composer but that it will take time. Eliza rips up the prenup and tells her parents that moms will officiate the wedding. 

The wedding takes place without a hitch. 

At the reception, Jim and Lena talk about her running for state assembly and air out their beliefs on the issue. They offer to help Lena with democratic donors. Stef explains what her tattoo means to them. 

Callie finds out she got the clerkship she wanted, but after talking to Jamie, she considers what it would mean working at the other one. Plus, he'll be nearby if she chooses LA. They kiss. 

Carter is upset because his father caught Jude coming out of his room in the morning even though nothing happened between them. Callie tries to talk to Jude again, but it doesn't work. Later on, he tells moms about his academic probation and that he felt lost at school and missed being close to home. He wasn't ready to be away. They give him a hug. 

Mariana considers reuniting with Mat, but she finds him with Ashley. 

Emma talks to Jesus about him sleeping with Jayden. She doesn't blame him, and she says that they have been together since they were teenagers and need to find out who they are when they aren't with each other. She says if it works out, they'll reunite. 

Jesus is down in the dumps, but Mariana invites him to travel to Europe with her. He is ecstatic. 

Brandon and Callie talk about making the right decision to not be together and tell one another that they are best friends. 

Corey spends time with his mother and agrees to go back to her. He's sad that he's leaving Stef and Lena though. 

Lena decides to run with Stef and the kids' urging. They sell the house and leave the Frankie tree behind. The family leaves the home for good. 

The Fosters
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The Fosters Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Jamie: Hey.
Callie: I was wondering if you're still up for that drink.
Jamie: Uh, yeah, yeah, sure. Come on in.
Mariana: Hey.
Callie: Hey.

Hey, is Jesus here?

Emma [at Brandon's door]