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A woman in Melinda’s store fainted and dropped something.  She promises Melinda she will go see a doctor if it happens again.

Bedford walks into Eli’s office that has been ransacked. He tries to warn Eli that he is the least of their troubles.

That night, Melinda is tucking Aiden in when she has a vision that her house is blown up. She goes back to George, the dealer of the antique army stuff. He denies remembering where he got it from.

Bedford is waiting outside Eli’s building to get the book of changes from Ned.  There are a bunch of shadows along the building with him.

Melinda and Eli follow George to an old abandoned army base where Melinda sees a ton of ghosts. There is one ghost that is a little boy.

Delia comes by Melinda’s home and shows her the missing person flyer that was on her car. It is a picture of the little ghost boy who went missing a couple days ago.

Melinda and Eli return to the old army base where Melinda interviews a dead ghost who tells her that there are still active bombs on base. They go inside and find the boys dead body inside a locked closet.

The cops come and they cannot explain why they are there in the first place. Melinda and Eli see Bedford also hanging about.

The next day Melinda and Eli head back to the army base. They talk to the boy ghost who tells them what happened the day he died. He was playing inside when he heard a noise. He went into the closet to hide when he was it was Bedford talking to himself. Bedford accidentally locked him inside where he died.

Eli goes to the cops to let them know that Bedford has a bomb. They don’t take him seriously.

Back at his office, Ned and Melinda come to discuss what is happening.  They get a call from Bedford who threatens Delia’s life if he doesn’t get the book back.

Eli goes in and hands over the book to Bedford for Delia’s life. Just as Bedford opens the book, the pages vanish. Eli quickly escapes just before the shadows come in and make the bomb explode.

Melinda meets with Joey who tells her he doesn’t want to be dead. She tells him that he really isn’t dead because he lives in everyone that knows him.  He goes into the light.

Back at Delia’s house, Ned tell his mom how he was scared that he would loose her. She tells him he has nothing to worry about. In his room, Ned takes out one of his science books that turns into the book of changes. The ghost of Bedford watches from outside and vanishes.

The Ghost Whisperer
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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

You really think I am that stupid to leave the Book of Changes in my office?


(to Melinda) Wow! It must be really really interesting to be you.