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In a flashback in Dallas, Texas on July 15, Jace is having a normal day with his family in the park. But a mutants-right march is going on close by and things get out of control. 

But a mutant's power strikes the park as Jace wakes up all alone. In the present, Jace and his agents are hunting the underground mutants.

The mutants abandon the stolen Sentinel Services car to get one that can't be tracked. Thunderbird reveals that it was Pulse who was disabling their powers.

He begins to sense that a Sentinel Services drone is approaching. They all take off while Polaris tries to destroy the drone, but it's not close enough.

She and Eclipse use their powers together to take it out. They all return to the underground station as the other mutants are getting ready to abandon the place.

The mutant bartender goes after Reed when he sees him among them. He calls Reed out on having initially teamed up with the Sentinel Services. 

Jace gets a call from his wife wondering what is going on with the transfer. He says he will finish it soon.

Thunderbird tries to calm down the other mutants as they are furious that Reed is there. Reed tries to explain himself while Caitlin tries to help the injured mutants.

Dreamer is asked to make Reed forget everything about this group, even if Thunderbird refuses to. Clarice starts to realize that if Dreamer could do that, maybe Dreamer had something to do with her new "feelings" for Thunderbird.

Sage warns Thunderbird that they picked something up on the police scanner. Reed manages to help them out 

Elsewhere on the road, Eclipse tells Polaris that he heard about her pregnancy. They talk about their excitement of becoming parents.

They suddenly see that the road is blocked by agents. Polaris insist they keep driving as she wants to take them on. Eclipse begs her to stop the car and she goes after the agents.

She tries to strangle Jace in order to find out what they did to Pulse. Polaris tells Eclipse what they almost did to her in that facility and he allows her to proceed.

The other Struckers keep helping the injured mutant as Andy volunteers to donate blood. Reed and Thunderbird are trying to come up with a clever strategy.

Eclipse and Polaris interrogate Jace on what they did to Pulse. Jace isn't giving responses that easily and decides to talk about the July 15th event.

He reveals that the mutant's right march got his daughter killed that day. Polaris pulls Eclipse to the side to remind him that while she feels for Jace, they lost fellow mutants that day.

Eclipse calls Dreamer and tells her that they kidnapped Jace and that she needs to get there. Thunderbird persuades the bartender to help Reed out despite his issues.

Reed tells Caitlin that he has to join this risky mission after what he almost did to them. Jace tries to convince the mutants to let them go. Polaris demands that he gives them answers first.

Dreamer joins up with them and so does Clarice. But they are running out of time as the Sentinel Services agents have arrived.

Reed and the bartender drive into the city to execute the plan. He begins to walk around as security cameras are picking up on his movement.

Thunderbird hears the police scanner having spotted Reed. He texts Reed to keep going. Caitlin tries to save the injured mutant, but he begins to crash.

Lauren manages to use her powers as pressure on his wound. Caitlin goes in to patch him up as he stabilizes.

Reed continues to walk around but then hears sirens approaching. He begins to run before running into the bartender's invisible car and gets away.

The Sentinel Services fail to communicate with the mutants and decides to strike instead. Dreamer uses her powers to get the answers they seek about Pulse.

Polaris uses her powers to attack the agents outside. Jace begins to get influenced by Dreamer's powers while the agents try to smoke the mutants out.

Dreamer gets pulled away from Jace as she begs them to not leave him like that. Jace continues to have flashing visions as he screams.

At the underground station, Dreamer reveals what she saw including the mystery logo on Pule's wrist. Reed doesn't recognize the logo, but he remembers the federal building. 

Reed goes to see his family and catch up on lost time. Andy asks if they are still planning on fleeing the country. Reed says that he owes the underground network some help.

Clarice goes to confront Dreamer about having messed with her head the other week. Dreamer admits that she did it to help Clarice being able to use her powers to save the others.

Clarice gets furious and feels violated. Dreamer offers to remove the memories, but Clarice tells her to stay away from her.

Jace goes home to his concerning wife and assures her that everything is fine. But his wife is alarmed when Jace asks if he can see their dead daughter.

Dreamer's influence has made Jace forget what happened on July 15th, four years ago. She is forced to remind what happened to their daughter as he is forced to relive the emotional trauma.

The Gifted
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The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Clarice: Hey! I need to talk to you! Did you mess with my head?
Dreamer: What do you mean?
Clarice: I watching you with the Sentinel Services guy and then I remembered something. Last week the two of us started to have a conversation and now that conversation is just gone. And now I can't go 10 minutes without this memory of John coming back to me. I'm asking you straight up, did you mess with my head?
Dreamer: You couldn't use your abilities. Johnny was in trouble and if you were going to help, you needed a connection to him.
Clarice: You had no right! Were you ever going to tell me?

Jace: Did Grace wait up for me? Come on, I know it's late, I just want to tucker her in, a little frog-and-toad.
Paula: Jace...you want to talk to our daughter?
Jace: Why are you looking at me like that?
Paula: Oh God...oh God what did they do to you?!
Jace: Baby, you're freaking me out, what's going on? Where's Grace?
Paula: Grace is gone!
Jace: What do you mean?
Paula: We lost her...we lost our baby.
Jace: Why would you say that?
Paula: We lost our little girl.
Jace: That's...
Paula: Grace is dead! She died four years ago!
Jace: What did they to me...I don't, it's not possible...
Paula: She is gone, Jace!