Stopping the Hound Program - The Gifted
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A flashback from a few years ago shows Polaris getting recruited into the underground network by a fellow mutant. Back in the present, Polaris and one of the sisters regroup with the others as they find out that Roderick got away.

Back at the station, Andy lashes out as he wants to do more than just sit around and wait. Meanwhile, Polaris is struggling emotionally with what she saw at the summit.

Caitlin tries to calm Andy down, but he asks for space and goes to hang out with some other mutants. Lauren comes up to him and tries to clear the air with her brother.

Jace follows up with Franklin as they continue to look for the mutants. One of the sisters goes to see Polaris and brings up her mysterious father again.

The Sentinel Services are catching up with the mutants and are beginning to go after them. But one of the underground mutants is aware of their presence and tries to stop them.

The underground network is alarmed as everyone gets ready to escape. Thunderbird tries to reach the station, but can't get a response while Eclipse alarms them that Polaris is gone.

Polaris is on the road with two of the sisters. Back at the station, everyone is evacuating and separating as the Sentinel Services arrive. Reed and Caitlin take charge of the remaining mutants and instruct them what to do next.

The mutants get into position as the Sentinel Services begin to try and infiltrate. Reed causes a distraction as the mutants begin to attack the squad.

Thunderbird and the others are still looking for Polaris as she is going after Roderick. The sisters drop her off at an airfield which is where Roderick and the senator are at.

Back at the station, the mutants are continuing to build a way of escaping under the ground. But a couple of Hounds begin to attack outside as they try to get inside.

The mutants downstairs begin to escape, as Andy and Lauren offer to protect everyone, by staying behind. The Hounds have gotten inside as they face Fenris attacking them.

Thunderbird and the others catch up with Polaris and beg her to not go through with this. Polaris says that she has no other choice as people like Roderick won't stop until he is stopped.

As the plane takes off, she begins to use her powers to attack it and an explosion goes off. But when the mutants get back on their feet, Polaris is nowhere to be seen.

Somewhere in Nashville, Thunderbird and the others regroup with the other mutants as they learn that the station is no more. Elsewhere, the Sentinel Services are confronting Jace about his performance today.

Jace has had enough as he decides to resign from the Sentinel Services. At the new station, the mutants are trying to figure out what is next and what to do now.

Polaris suddenly shows up, with one of the sisters standing behind her as they are there to recruit. Several mutants join their side, including Andy who makes it clear that this is his choice.

Without a word, Polaris leaves with her squad while the other mutants and the Struckers are left stunned. 

The Gifted
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