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On The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 10 Murray arrives home as usual, but when he goes to park his car in the garage the boxes that are piled on top of each other tumble down and trap him. When he gets out he tells Beverly it is time to clear out this mess and get rid of the kids many different projects they have done through the years. Beverly is of course reluctant, but she goes along with it and Murray decides that she can keep one trunk of the kids things. When he goes to get rid of the other boxes he accidentally puts the trunk on the garbage truck and he thinks the memories are gone forever. Murray apparently forgot that he was married to a woman like Beverly and she had her own plans. Beverly paid off the trashmen and instead put all the boxes in her own storage facility. When Murray finds out what she did, he gets upset at first, but he eventually relents and brings all of the boxes back to the garage.

Meanwhile, while the kids are going through the boxes they find a special box of Erica that is dedicated to her love of New Kids on the Block. They also find a tape that she made for Johnny where she confesses her love. The boys use this as torture for Erica, but they soon grow to love the New Kids as well and even end up making a New Kids video. Erica finds the video and gets revenge by inviting all of their friends over and watching the tape. Barry and Adam are hurt and they remind Erica she is the golden child and she gets everything she wants whereas this is as good as it gets for them. Erica feels bad and extends an olive branch to them by getting tickets to a New Kids on the Block concert.

The Goldbergs
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The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

We are drowning in our children's art projects. You've literally kept every drawing, every doodle, every macaroni necklace they have ever made.


Adam: You know what else would really rub her nose in it? We do a shot for shot remake of their music video!
Barry: Yes! I'm going to go cut off the sleeves of my jean jacket and you go gather up some leather vests and than we will really stick it to her!