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On The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 5 it is Halloween in Jenkintown but of course smother Beverly will not let Adam eat his candy until she takes it to the hospital and gets his x-rayed. Poor Adam, he just cannot catch a break! Meanwhile, when Erica is about to drink her can of soda and eat pop rocks, Barry comes in for the "rescue" and tells her that she could die if she drinks/eats this combination. Erica naturally does not believe Barry but he has Adam and Pops to back him up; so Erica obliges but still does not believe him.

Since Barry "saved" Erica she now owes him a life debt and he asks her to get him a date with her friend Lainey. Erica is completely against this but Barry keeps bugging her until she goes and asks him; so she does but Lainey says no. Barry takes this rejection hard and does the pop rock/soda combo but it does nothing to him. At school the next day he confronts Lainey, while rapping to her as Big Tasty, and she reveals that Erica never talked to her about a date. Barry does not know what to do so he runs away. Later, while he is talking to Erica in the hallway, he starts to have stomach pains and is convinced that it is the pop rocks/soda but it turns out that due to all the candy he ate, he was stopped up. Thankfully Erica pulls through and gets Lainey to go on a date with Barry, unfortunately they have the date at the hospital where Barry is at. 

Meanwhile, Pops accidentally sets fire to his apartment after a wild Halloween party. His landlord kicks him out and Beverly moves him in. Things do not go well when he starts to ignore the rules that Murray has laid out for him and when his water bed explodes that is the last straw for Murray who decides Pops is going to be moving into a retirement community; something that Pops initially wanted. 


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When a neck-tie is on the door, the pants are on the floor.


What are you nuts?! Mikey gave his life so that wouldn't happen again!