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On the Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 4 Beverly proves that she is the classic 80's mom. Odd fashion choices, lots of sunscreen and staying up late to tell her children that you never know what can happen when you stay out late at night. Bev sees one of Erica's friends mom, Louise, who is known as the cool mom. Bev is jealous of Louise and tries to become the cool mom in Erica's eyes.

Beverly tries to be cool by dressing up as Madonna and dancing to her music. Erica and her friends don't know how to take her and tell Beverly to leave; Erica lets her know that she is fun but not hangout fun. Murray goes to Erica and tells her that she is going to hang out with her mom or she is going to lose her allowance, curfew etc.. and that he cannot bare to watch Bev in pain anymore.

Erica and Bev go out to eat some fondue but when Erica's friends show up and try to get her out of the lunch, her mom knows that Erica is just trying to ditch her. Bev goes to talk to her dad and get his advice on trying to be cool; she wants him to teach her how to be cool. Beverly and Pops drink together and get in late, Erica confronts her mom and tells Pops that he is a bad influence on her. Pops leaves and tells Erica that she needs to take care of her mother. 

Beverly is sleeping off her hangover on the couch with Erica sleeping with her. She gets up and apologizes to Erica and it turns out that Bev is no different drunk than when she is sober, she just says I love you, over and over again. Erica apologizes to her mom for being a pain and tells her that she appreciates everything that she has done for her.

Meanwhile, Adam is playing on his Apple 2-plus when Barry comes in with his "cool" friends. Adam tries to become friends with them but they want nothing to do with him -- which is probably ok, considering the guys are actually pretty dorky. Barry and his friends go to see the movie War Games and they become obsessed with computers and Adam becomes an asset to them. Adam tries to do his own War Games by hacking into the school's system and he fakes them out by making them study while thinking they are actually hacking into the school's computer systems. 

Adam joins Barry's group of "cool" friends who turn out to be just a bunch of idiots. After school, the guys tells Adam that his hacking worked and that they all got B's on their test. Adam lets them know that he tricked them into studying and that he never hacked into the system; the guys get angry and call Adam a nerd. He lets them know that he is not the nerd but they are the loser's in this whole thing. The group of friends kicks Adam and Barry out of their group of friends, even though Barry is the founding member of the group. 

Adam tries to apologize to Barry and he does not want to accept the apology. Barry knows that his friends are dorks but they were close friends and the only close friends that he had. Adam comes up with the idea to go and kidnap the mascot of a rival high school to get back on the good side of his friends. Adam prints off a hall pass for the opposing school and the brother's go in to steal the mascot which is a real falcon. Barry shows up at school with the Falcon and is now in the good graces of his friends -- until he lets go of the falcon. 

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