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On The Goldbergs Season 2 Episode 3, Beverly is infatuated with the Royal wedding between Charles and Di. She comes up with the bright idea of renewing her vows and Murray is on board (not that he really had a choice). They go through all the preparations, from flowers to food to hiring a band but unfortunately Murray is not completely prepared. When Bev asks him to recite her vows, he can only think of the them song from 'Family Ties.' When Beverly tells her friend about the vows, she reveals the truth of where those words came from. Beverly gets angry and tells Murray that the wedding is off! Thankfilly Murray comes up with an idea to throw Beverly a surprise wedding, with just their family (and Lainey) present. 

Meanwhile, Adam and Barry decide to form a hair band but the only problem is, they only know one song. Thankfully their sister Erica and her friend Lainey have some talent and Barry asks them to join the band. Of course Barry has other motives, he wants to start a relationship with Lainey after making out with her last season. Lainey keeps telling him that it is not going to happen but Barry is convinced that they will get together eventually. He even tells Lainey that he will keep going after her until she decides that she wants him.

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