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Jack Bailey is an arrogant detective in Dallas who wants to work on big cases, but whose attitude (he corrects the Captain's grammar in front of everyone) has him stuck in the petty crimes unit.

He partners with/babysits Dan Stark, a veteran cop and alcoholic who is stuck in the glory days of 1985, where he helped saved the Governor's son. Dan is a mini-celebrity as a result and he also shuns modern day police work, such as using a computer.

Dan often cites his former partner, Frank Savage, who apparently had a nervous breakdown after Dan made him jump out of a moving vehicle.

The actual crime at the center of the pilot episode isn't important, but we see how Dan still has some tricks up his sleeve. He and Jack bring down some big-time drug dealers as a result, but they cross some lines and their methods have them still stuck in petty crime when the episode ends.

Other characters we meet:
- The police lieutenant, who is also a past partner of Dan's.
- Liz Traylor, the local DA and ex-girlfriend of Jack's.
- Julius Grant, who may play a future role on the show as an informant.

The Good Guys
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