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Another fantastic episode of The Good Wife. What made it stand out the most?

A look inside the jury room, as the show went back and forth from courtroom scenes to conversations between the jurors, as they tried to determine what pieces of evidence we worth listening to. As for the case? It centered around a sorrority sister that allegedly killed a friend after the two of them had a threesome with a guy.

Initially, Will and Alicia's defense blamed the (lucky) guy for the crime... but then new evidence came to light. Thanks to the advice and expertise of Kurt McVeigh (more on him below), the team changes it argument and states that the death was actually an accident. It was cool to watch the jurors try to make sense of this change in the defense. It was also cool to watch Cary bond with the accused, who was understandly consued and afraid.

He gave her the advice to trust the truth and to dismiss a last-second plea bargain deal that would net her ten years in prison. However, scared of a guilty verdict that would have resulted in 45 years, the accused took the deal. We then see, at the conclusion of the episode, that the jury had planned on voting Not Guilty. Ouch.

As for Kurt and Diane, it was hilarious to watch this relationship develop. The latter couldn't understand how she was attracted to a guy that liked Sarah Palin, but just couldn't help herself. This may have hurt Will's case, though, because witnesses saw Diane and Kurt making out and the prosecutor used that in court to hurt the credibility of McVeigh on the stand. It may have even led to the eventual plea bargain, as the accused was scared the jury wouldn't believe Kurt's testimony.

In her argument with Will, Diane called him a hypocrite because he clearly had feelings for Alicia. He denied it, but we know it's true. On that front, Alicia's daughter overheard her mom speaking to Will on the phone and it was clear there was something going on between them.

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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Thank you for the Sarah Palin bio. The chapter where she brings big oil to heal? Just gripped.


Sometimes, I think justice would be better served with a coin fip.