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Alicia and Will go up against State Life, an insurance giant, with Patti Nyholm as their lawyer.  Will and Alicia are trying to get the company to pay for their young clients' in-utereo heart surgery.  However, since the surgery is deemed experimental and unnecessary for the covered patient, as opposed to the fetus, they company is attempting to reject it.  That's where we're brough in front of the honorable Judge Robert Parks in an emergency trial held in the hospital itself.

Ultimately, they end up losing the case, despite the pro-life Judge leaning towards them over a contract loophole.  State Life reserves the right to cancel a policy if the applicant lied and it turns out the husband did.  He claimed he never smoked in the last twelve months, yet Patti produces a Facebook photo of him smoking on a fishing trip.

So stressed from the trial, or at least as their excuse, Will finally succumbs to his lust and puts a move on Alicia.  The two end up making out, causing Alicia to storm out and down to her car.  However, after sitting in her car, she decides to head back to see Will.  When she gets back, Will is elsewhere in the office, and the two miss their potential affair.

Meanwhile, Eli is trying to clean up Peter's image and help him win the African American woman vote, so he heads to meet with a black pastor.  The pastor refuses to blindly endorse Peter and the two of them meet personally.  Peter actually chooses to embrace religion and make a genuine change.  At home, Alicia and he end up sleeping together after Alicia's kiss with Will.  Wonder who she was thinking of.

Will, meanwhile, has a much less fun night when he spends all night with the expecting couple trying to get them the surgery without coverage.  The next morning, Kalinda gives Will some good news in the discovery of Patti hiding Pam through text messages she illegally intercepted.  The two of them confront Pam, the claims processor, only to find out the text messages were actually referring to PAM, an off-shore branch devoted to rescinding policies just before expensive claims.

Will ends up using Peter's connections with the insurance commissioner and the knowledge of PAM to get the couples covered for surgery.  At the end of the episode, Alicia comes home to Peter and the two still go off to their own bedrooms.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Will: This isn't really your baby is it, what's her name?
Patti Nyholm: Bite me.
Will: Is that dutch?

Will: In a few days time, my clients baby will be dead.
Mr. Harper: Objection, your client's fetus.
Judge Parks: Thank you Mr. Harper, I'm sure we'll all feel much better with that distinction.