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What a great episode. More fast-paced than usual, this hour found the firm representing a husband accused of killing his family's babysitter.

Kalinda was often on the scene of the crime and doing her investigative best to clear his name. For a short period of time, we thought maybe the wife killed the babysitter because she was jealous of her affair with the husband. But the culprit turned out to be a college classmate of the babysitter.

Details of the case aen't vital to understanding it's grander implications: first, that Kalinda is an awesome investigator! Second, that Alicia is loyal to the firm and to Cary. Even though he was clearly out of it the entire time, due to mushroom he inhaled because he thought he had a day off, Alicia did not rat him out. These two even admitted that they liked each other.

Third, we got to know Will a bit better. He was willing to go to the outer limits of the law, having Alicia swipe items from their client's apartment that might implicate him in the murder. It was great stuff, morally shady, but legally acceptable.

The most important outcome of this episode, though, was that Peter was granted a re-trial. Thanks to Kalinda's smooth testimony - she implied that she would out the judge as a client of a prostitute - the judge said Peter's sex life was off limits, despite Childs' best efforts to use it against him, and granted the re-trial.

This means Peter is allowed home, under electronic monitoring. The episode ended with him showing up there and saying, simply: Hi.

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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Will: I don't understand marriage.
Diane: It's a mysterious institution.

I know that the sun is coming up tomorrow, and that you are going to tell the truth on the stand. And Peter Florrick is going back to prison. End of story.