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Alicia got duped this week.

She teamed with an outside attorney on a case that involved the daughter of Stern, the unseen partner at Alicia's law firm. She found herself a bit attracted to this lawyer, as well as to his unusual methods.

But, even though she ends up winning the case, Alicia is angry by episode's end: turns out, the guy failed his bar exam and wasn't a real lawyer. So much for trusting another man.

In other storyline news: Will wants to oust Stern as a partner in order to save the jobs of others at the firm (they're getting fired in cost-cutting moves). Diane isn't a fan of this plan, however.

Alicia's son, meanwhile, is caught talking to a phone sex woman. However, he thought she was the same prostitute that helped set his dad up for a major fall and was just trying to get information from her. When confronted, though, he doesn't reveal this information to his mother.

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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You can't tarnish an entire firm based on one case.


Diane: This is a power play, pure and simple.
Will: Nothing here is pure and nothing here is simple.