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This week's episode of The Good Wife focused a lot on Peter's hearing and possible bail.

Just when it seemed as though he'd be let out on bail, the prosecution came up with an imaginary story about Peter trying to bribe the judge. The judge allowed the accusation into evidence because Peter's lawyer could not actually disprove it and because, once aired in court, it would make the judge seem as if he WAS on the take if he simply ignored it.

As a result, Peter was denied bail, despite a solid job by Alicia of testifying on his behalf. The bribery charge was just one example of the show playing up the conspiracy against Peter this week.

His kids received another package in the mail, one that appeared to be a video of Peter trying to bribe someone. It wasn't clear, but Alicia's son devised a plan. He his a camera outside the family's apartment door and the episode ended with what it caught:

Someone taking photos of that apartment door. Why? We'll soon find out.

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I've looked in the mirror and what I've seen I don't like.


This is like watching a baby seal being clubbed.