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While this week's case focused on the divorce settlement between a legendary rocker and his wife, we're just gonna focus on the personal and professional developments for Alicia.

She learned that Will and Diane were deciding between her and Cary at the end of the week. After meeting with them both, it became clear that the bottom line was the only factor in this decision. In other words: she had to bring in money!

Cue a conversation with Eli, in which Alicia asks if he can talk his clients into joining Gardner and Lockhart. Eli, meanwhile, wants Alicia to support Peter's election bid, as the suicide from last week means no charges will be pressed against him.

Later in the episode, as a decision is about to be made, we see Eli meeting with Will and Diane. He leaves the meeting and tells Alicia his clients, and himself, have joined the firm. This enables Alicia to get the junior associate job over Cary, who does not take the news well. He stares down Alicia when he leaves. This also means Eli will press Alicia to support Peter in his decision to run, as quid pro quo.

Elsewhere, Kalinda gets involved with a detective we've seen a couple times on the show. She plays VERY hard to get with him, but it's clear she's eventually turned on by his forwardness and honesty... or is she just toying with him for information?

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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Eli: If I could be so bold.
Alicia: You can't.
Eli: Right. Got it.

Alicia: I'm not this person.
Eli: Mrs. Florrick, everybody is that person.