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On this week's episode of The Good Wife...

... Alicia celebrates her promotion by getting drunk with Kalinda, but is interrupted when she must go deal with a famous firm client: Dylan Sweeney. The man Alicia helped beat charges that he killed his wife is now handcuffed to a dead woman. He claims it's self-defense. The case gets interesting because the firm is also representing a merge with Sweeney's company and investors want him out of the picture.

So there's some biased at work when they arrange a plea bargain with Sweeney. He ends up accepting the eight-year sentence, and also admitting to Alicia that he killed his wife. She's ethically torn over all of it.

... Peter was officially freed from all legal hagging. That's because the team of Eli and Peter's new lawyer, Elsbeth Tascioni, figured out that Terry Kinney’s Kozko didn't actually commit suicide. He was alive in the Cayman Islands. With all charges dropped, the episode ended with Peter celebrating his freedom and introducing Alicia to political heavyweights/future clients. Is this who she is again, a politician's wife?

... Cary accepted an offer to work with Childs. He's bitter over how he was fired and thinks Alicia played a dirty hand.

.. an FBI agent tells Kalinda that both Childs and Peter are being looked into. Might there even be a sexual history between this woman and Kalinda?

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The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Alicia: Are you gay?
Kalinda: I'm private.

You won. He lost. So you're gonna turn this into some morbid thing because that's who you are. So, let's go.