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Miranda Cosgrove guest starred on this episode as a young singer/celebrity named Sloan Burchfield. She was arrested for her third DUI and Alicia was assigned the case by family attorney Donald Lee (more on him below).

Sloan kept insisting that she was really a good girl who was acting out just to break free from the Disney mold, but she took that to an extreme in court by defying the judge's order not to use her phone, actually Tweeting something rude about a previous witness. As a result, bail was revoked, Sloan was throw into jail and we got to see the truly vulnerable side of this young star.

Kalinda looked into the accident, which became an attempted murder charge because Cary claimed Sloan purposely rammed the car of a rival, knowing the rival was sleeping inside it. She determined that Sloan's sister was actually behind the wheel, but the mother insisted she abandon the scene and lay the blame at the feet of Sloan. The sister came clean at the end and shared a nice moment with her more famous sibling.

Overall, it was an outstanding portrayal of how celebrity can negatively affect a parent, family and teenager.

Elsewhere, there were a few major developments:

- Grace watched her mom in court and was impressed enough to say she wanted to be a lawyer someday.

- Lee was peeved over his team getting performance renewals and talked for awhile behind closed doors with Diane, who clearly is up to something and doesn't like how close Bond and Will have grown. The former of this pair, meanwhile, said he was off to DC for a few weeks and would return with something huge: he wants Will to be a part of his Chicago/DC law "behemoth."

- Peter turned down an offer to drop out of the race and get a cushy job as the head of the Chicago Democratic Party. Instead, he used honesty to successfully lobby for the endorsement of Pastor Isaiah, but maybe at a price for the pastor. At the end of the episode, his father approached him and said the board wants the father to replace Isaiah because he did not support Wendy Scott-Carr.

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