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Colin Sweeney made another appearance on The Good Wife this week, as Alicia actually worked with Celeste on a case that, in a round about way, needed Sweeney's testimony. They actually worked out a deal in which he wore a wire, got a fellow inmate to admit to a murder, and got released early.


- Eli worked on getting Peter to deliver the keynote address at the 2012 DNC. He even met with Donna Brazille. She expressed concern over Peter's marriage and said she heard he and Alicia were living apart.

- Alicia bonded a bit with Celeste, who uttered something about Will taking - but putting back - $45,000 years ago. She also said Will would eventually disappoint Alicia. She later learned from him that she was NOT going to get the job at Lockhart/Gardner until Will asked David Lee to vote with him.

Will returned the favor this week by voting to hire David Lee's niece, Martha.

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