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The St. Patrick's Day Ball is interrupted when one of Alicia's clients was shot to death on the street. She heads down to the police station to assist in the investigation. Detective Young tells Alicia that the GPS in the killer's car had her address in it.

Alicia's dead client had 18 outstanding civil suits pending and any of them could have been related to his death. One of the cases was for police harrassment. Kalinda investigates the situation for Alicia and finds out that the cop was an undercover DEA agent. She also reveals that the killer's car didn't have GPS and Detective Young was manipulating Alicia. 

Will shows up to help Alicia and they decide to go their separate ways even though they still have feelings for each other. 

At the ball, Peter and Mike try to best each other in order to get the Cardinal to hug them instead of the other guy. Mike lies about Zach's drug use. Peter punches Mike, but tells everyone he fell while drunk. In the end, the Cardinal doesn't hug either of the men.

In the end, it appears that Alicia's client was killed over a lawsuit about a barking dog. And, Alicia tells Grace she loves Peter.

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The Good Wife Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Alicia, you are saint Alicia. I know you don't like that, but you are. For tonight, go for it.


I swear if you start clocking my alcohol intake, I'll start doing shots.