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- Alicia and Will represent a girl who was raped in a civil trial against her rapist. She tweets that he is a rapist and she is put in jail. "Anonymous" gets involved and sends Alicia's kids texts with evidence that had been deleted by the defendant. The judge calls a mistrial because of outside interference in the case, but won't release the plaintiff from her contempt charge unless she apologizes. Kalinda releases anonymously the defendant's confession to police and the judge decides to let her out.


- Diane is vetted for the judgeship. She thought her engagement to McVeigh was going to be a problem, but instead it's her partnership with Will that's questioned.


- Cary and the other 4th years are planning on leaving Lockhart/Gardner. Alicia finds out and Cary asks her to join them. She doesn't reveal what she knows to the other partners.


- Alicia continues to have feelings for Will. It's become almost an obsession.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

I don't think I'd have that determination. So we have to win this.


We've watched you climb. You've arrived. This is the top. This room. That desk. You can either stay or slide back down.

Justice Ryvlan [to Diane]