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-Will and Diane offer Alicia a equity partnership in Lockhart & Gardner. She is beyond excited that she is being recognized for her hard work and as fourth year associate. Her excitement dies down a bit when David Lee breaks it to her that she has to buy in with $600,000. Then, she gets disappointed when she finds out the Cary also was offered an equity partnership. She ends up angry after finding out that five fourth year associates were given the deal and that it wasn't based on merit as much as a way to raise funds for the firm.


- Chumhum is back! Neil Gross is getting married and his fiance's father insisted that another firm look over the prenuptial agreement. Who better than a firm that Gross hates? Deena doesn't care about the money and gives in to the jurisdiction fight right away. David Lee says they have to make the fight about something other than money, but not to make it so bad that the wedding is called off. Lee then turns the relationship standards that they first bring up and twists them when presenting the demands to Deena. Cary plays into it well. And, Deena gets upset. They decide they have to find another way and dig up dirt on Gross. Cary and Kalinda find a foot note on the company's financials and use that against Gross. He had a child from a one-night stand. Gross gives in and tells his lawyer to close the deal.


- The bankruptcy extension hearing goes through many twists and turns. Louis Canning tries to use his disability and that the funds will go towards research unsuccessfully. Then, it comes out that the company that funded his buyout of the debt is interested in shutting down the firm because they have successfully litigated against them. Canning thinks he can win by proving that the firm has not acted in the best interest of their clients, but is unsuccessful. Lastly, Canning loses because he made an offer to the Trustee, Clarke, in exchange for help on the case. The firm ended up with their five month extension.


- Eli and Jordan want to use Maddie's religious beliefs against her in the campaign, but it backfires. Maddie proudly proclaims she is an atheist. And, even though Eli and Jordan talked to Alicia about the best answer, she also said she was an atheist making it a non-issue most likely.


- Alicia hates the way she was offered the partnership and stays in her office instead of attending the party. Diane comes to tell her to stop pouting, get to the party and thank the partners for the offer. Little does Diane know that Canning gave Alicia his card again. Alicia doesn't think about it much though and puts on a smile and goes to the party.

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The Good Wife Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

They're just handing out partnerships like Popsicles.


She's in love.