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- Lemond Bishop's accountant is arrested and his attorneys work to try and figure out whether it involves Bishop's business or not. They find out that it a confidential informant went missing that was aware of illegal activity at one of Bishop's health clubs. The club manager was selling HGH without Bishop's knowledge. Bishop was arrested for the girl's murder.

- Eli tries to stop the blog from posting about Peter's alleged affair. He even asks Will to call and threaten them with a Cease and Desist order. It doesn't work and the blog posts the story. 

- Maddie Hayward finds out about the story and meets with the campaign worker. Maddie pulls her support from Peter's campaign, but asks Alicia if they can still be friends.

- Nick demands to meet Kalinda at the law firm to get her opinion on the business partnership. Kalinda sides with the firm. Nick then confronts her in the hallway. Cary sees it and asks if everything is okay. When Kalinda leaves, Nick decides to go ahead and sign the deal.

- Lana's home is ransacked and she blames it on Bishop, but it was Nick. He found evidence that Lana had been taking pictures of Kalinda. He gives them to her. The next time Kalinda sees Lana, she is distant and even rude to her, but doesn't ask her about the photos.

The Good Wife
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