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Alicia chooses Cary to represent her when Nelson Dubek wants her to participate in a deposition about the election fraud.

Will meets a new prosecutor who proves to be a formidable adversary as he defends Jeffrey Grant.

Cary tells Alicia he's seeing Kalinda. 

Nelson Dubek tells Alicia that Will Gardner will go on the record about the stuffed ballot box.

The DNA evidence against Will's client is in question via touch DNA. All Will needs to do is come up with doubt.

Finn, the new prosecutor, has new evidence refuting Will's touch DNA evidence.

The plea of eight years on the table was rejected. Diane thinks Will is taking Jeffrey's innocence for granted.

Jeffrey is still having problems in lockup, but doesn't want Will to intervene. 

Alicia shows up to watch Will's case in court to tell him about Jeffrey's parents calling her for a second opinion on the case.

Kalinda gets bad news about the deceased and tells Will she thinks Jeffrey did it. Will keeps trying to find an out for him.

Kalinda tells Will she wants to leave the firm. He tells her they were built for this and it's what they do. They can look at normal people but she'll want to come back.

Dubek comes into Florrick/Agos for a voluntary deposition and immediately asks if she spoke about it with Will when they met at the courthouse.

Kalinda has more evidence about touch evidence that will save his client, but while Jeffrey is sitting there he imagines his life behind bars, sees Will laughing with the judge and... Diane is in the next courtroom. Gunshots ring out.

Diane sees Kalinda and asks what's going on. Jeffrey is shooting and Kalinda screams for Will. She sees his shoe and one shoeless foot. She enters the courtroom where Jeffrey is trying to shoot himself in the head but he's out of ammunition.

Will is bleeding out.

At the hospital Diane and Kalinda see Finn and ask if Will is alright. They ask hospital personnel if he's alright. Diane starts to call his family, his sisters. 

Alicia is talking to Eli before a luncheon and misses a call from Diane. 

The medical examiner leaves a curtained area and Kalinda and Diane proceed in. They see Will, dead on the table. Kalinda decides she has to find Alicia and calls Eli. Eli is annoyed until he hears the reason for the call and delivers the phone to Alicia. Fade to black.


The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Alicia: Hey, we might have our differences, but you're the better lawyer.
Will: I am, aren't I?
Alicia: (laughs) And the more humble.

Alicia: No it's just that when you say you're seeing her...I thought she was gay.
Cary: Bi or something.