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Eli tries to help Diane secure her Supreme Court nomination. 

Cary finds office space for the new firm.

Chum Hum wants Alicia in a meeting with Cary; the client they are counting on to make the new firm 'hum.'

Alicia is impressed with one of the fourth years.

The NSA has been listening to Lockhart/Gardner, and now L/G is suing the NSA.

Kalinda doesn't want to give information on the Chum Hum case to Cary because he's taking them from L/G.

Eli asks Diane to trash Will in order to obtain the supreme court nomination.

Veronica takes Grace school shopping.

Alicia's mom pays for the office space for the new firm.

Becca has befriended Grace and stolen Peter's gavel to sell it online.

Alicia asks her mom why she never liked her as a kid.

Eli knocks Diane off the list of supreme court nominees, unless she gives an interview dissing Will.

David Lee asks Alicia about Veronica's investment in her firm.

Zach is dating Nisa, who turns out to be the daughter of a Somali national and Hamas sympathizer. 

Cary and Alicia win their case, but it opens a whole new can of worms on the Governor.

Peter tells the Chief Justice he's going to have to let go of his concerns and let him have Diane on the Court.

Diane has already given the interview when Eli calls to tell her she doesn't have to.


The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Alicia: Excuse me, Your Honor, that's crazy. You haven't even heard our rebuttal.
Judge Kluger: What rebuttal? You weren't even privy to the government's argument.
Alicia: That's because we were left out here!

Now, now. Jesus has no problem with Grace looking her best. That's what Jesus believed in.