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Alicia decides to form a partnership with Cary and other fourth year associates from Lockhart/Gardner.

They cannot take Kalinda along due to finances.

Alicia and Diane attend the execution of one of their clients.

The accused begins to bleed out on the table while tearfully giving his final words to the family of those he was accused of killing.

A telecommuting woman makes a mockery out of the attorney's meeting trying to get a handle on the next steps to take in the case.

David Lee asks Kalinda to access the telephone records of the fourth years to find out if they are trying to leave the firm and take clients with them.

Lockhart/Gardner decides to use Eddie Allen Fornam used as evidence in a case Barry Scheck is arguing about torture and the death penalty.

The fourth years want to stick around for their bonuses before telling the firm they are leaving.

Kalinda finds a snitch who faked his death to corroborate the official story of Eddie Fornam.

Eli's advice about impressions of Peter and his new consultant, Marilyn, and how they look together causes him to have her promoted away from his presence.

The Florricks discover what it means to be the First Family, especially Grace whose photo lands on a website along with other political daughters like Bristol Palin, looking sexy.

Alicia has second thoughts.

Peter asks Eli to be his new Chief of Staff.

Eddie Fornam is strapped to the table a third time when the warden is arrested by the DEA for shipping drugs through the mail and Governor Florrick cancels the execution for good.

Will tells Alicia he understands why she hasn't called and respects her decision based upon her marital status.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Alicia: It's kind of weird. Everything's ending.
Cary: Beginning, too.

Alicia: Thanks for doing this here.
Cary: No problem. What are you thinking?
Alicia: I'm in.
Cary: With Agos/Florrick?
Alicia: Florrik/Agos.