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Friends of Diane's come to her when their son is accused of selling drugs on the internet. Alicia seeks advice on dating from her mother. 

Alicia meets a handsome guy, Daniel, at jury duty.

Canning takes one of Diane's clients.

Finn uses Bitcoin to get a kid for using a drug site. He threatens to freeze the assets of Diane's client.

Alicia is given the day off by Cary after she's excused from jury duty.

Kalinda discovers that their clients grandson may not sell drugs on Silk Road, but the girl he likes says he invented it. He claims that he was saying it to impress her.

Diane gets flowers from a client and learns David Lee did the work without ever talking to her about it.

Alicia tries to use her TV, but doesn't know how. When she finally does, she watches something online and the buffering doesn't allow her to watch.

Veronica calls Alicia for lunch, but she almost says no, then leaves when she realizes Veronica has a date -- Logan.

Alicia is addicted to work -- she goes to the courthouse and runs into Daniel. He asks her to lunch.

Kalinda helps the kid find the Silk Road owner, but he's lying with a bag over his head in his apartment.

Daniel asks Alicia to meet him for a drink later because she's funny. 

Eli preps Finn for a campaign interview. Finn says he isn't a hero, when Jeffrey Grant started shooting, Will tried to grab the gun. Eli says humility is good.

Canning tells Diane he and David have not been plotting, but estate planning because he was given 12 months to live 2 months ago. Diane doesn't believe him.

Veronica shows up to Alicia's and they watch TV together, drinking wine. Alicia finally cries into her mom's arms about Will.

Kalinda discovers Diane's client likely has done what he has been accused of doing.

Diane excuses herself from the case.

Alicia doesn't go for a drink with Daniel.

Canning is dying and he is trying to screw Diane.



The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Finn: Kalinda, why do people let you onto crime scenes?
Kalinda: I don't know. People like me.

It's one drink. Why is that a problem? Who am I being faithful to?