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The AUSA tries to renege on the plea deal because the verdict came in so quickly but Alicia won’t back down and they stick to the original deal of two years if Peter surrenders today. 

Peter comforts Grace, promising to be in the front row for her college graduation and thanks Eli for standing by him and apologizes for the way he treated him during his presidential bid. 

As they are about to enter the plea the judge finds out that the jury has not reached a verdict but they have a question. Peter and Diane reject the plea and decide to hear the jury’s question. The jury wants to hear the 911 call, not just read the transcript and they want to know what a strange noise is on the call. Lucca asks Jason for help and he figures out that the noise is a ring tone. Since the victim was using her phone to call 911, he guesses that someone else may have been with her. 

Lucca tells Alicia that Jason thinks that if Peter goes to prison, she’ll never divorce him. Lucca tells her to decide who she wants to come home to every night. Later Alicia thinks of coming home to Jason, then Peter, and then Will. Alicia has an imaginary conversation with Will about what she should do next. 

Cary is now working a guest lecturer at a college. Jason asks him why a thorough search was never done of the evidence room for the missing bullets. He claims Peter wouldn’t sign off on it but Alicia asks why they didn’t do one after Peter left. Cary has no good answer but helps them figure out whose cell phone is ringing on the 911 call. The woman claims she left some time before the murder but her cell phone rings 23 seconds before it happens on the call. Judge Cuesta says her testimony is inadmissible as this isn’t a murder trial but about bribery and corruption. 

Cary starts asking questions about whether someone hid the bullets in the evidence room and they find the bullets. It shows that they came from Locke’s gun. The prosecution calls for Kurt’s new testimony. Alicia wants to try and undercut his testimony but Diane refuses. Alicia accuses her of protecting her husband over defending her client. Diane says ithe strategy will backfire and tells Alicia that if she disagrees to have Peter fire her. Alicia goes around Diane and has Lucca cross examine Kurt. 

Alicia has Lucca ask Kurt on the stand if he changed his testimony about the bullets not because he was wrong the first time but because he had an affair with Holly, the prosecutions ballistics expert. Diane is visibly upset, gets up and walks out of court. 

The judge won’t allow the new ballistics test. The AUSA offers a deal of one year probation, no jail time but Peter resigns his governorship. Alicia encourages him to take it. 

Elsewhere, Peter meets with constituents to assure them he’s not done. He’s shocked when one of his donors shares that Eli is encouraging them to move their contributions to Alicia for future political office. Peter is furious but Eli convinces him that backing Alicia moving forward is the smart move. 

Peter agrees to take the AUSA’s deal but asks Alicia to stand by his side when he makes the announcement. She agrees.

In another imaginary conversation with Will, he encourages her to go to Jason but Jason is gone from work and not picking up his cell. 

Alicia stands by Peter while he announces that he’s resigning. Alicia thinks she sees Jason waiting in the wings. Just as Peter finishes, he goes to hold Alicia’s hand but she takes off to find Jason, only to find he wasn’t there after all. instead, Diane finds her in the hallway and slaps her in the face before leaving. Alicia is shocked but then straightens up, straightens her outfit and moves on. 

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 22 Quotes

Grace: But Dad, you have to fight this.
Peter: I can't risk being away from you until you're thirty.
Grace: But it's two years.
Peter: I'm going to be at your graduation in the front row.

You think you can play the emotional card with me? You think I'm going to break down and cry? Look at me. Do I look like I’m breaking down?