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Cassie is making a cake for graduation. She's getting a little sad.

Nick thinks Grace's Valedictorian speech is amazing.

Adam and Stephanie are still going strong. They aren't going out tonight though because they're exhausted from the food truck.

Grace visits Bell, Book & Candle to find Mrs. Hanson's beautiful dresses. She's retiring to a villa in Tuscany. She's doing her last dress. Cassie already set up a time for Grace to help her.

Martha is doing some exercises when Sam checks in about the Middleton Treasure.

Sam finds another clue on Martha's fireplace. It's the symbol for man and the astrological symbol for Mars.

Sam and George are decorating when Linda arrives. Nick is really excited to see her.

Grace visits Mrs. Hanson and looks at all of the photos of her clients. Mrs. Hanson remembers every dress and the story that went with them.

Grace discovers she's going to help to make the dress and kind of freaks out.

Lisa Gold the food blogger doesn't understand why the food truck isn't open right now. She's very rude.

There's an alchemical component to the clue. People used to use minerals to change things into gold.

Abigail wanted to tell Donovan she loved him, but she couldn't form the word.

Mrs. Hanson has a 100 lb safe that came with the place when she bought it. She doesn't want it. Is it filled with the Middleton treasure?

Linda wishes she had been around more for Nick, who misses NY because she's there.

He shows her a computer game he created by himself.

Cassie runs into Luke at the graduation rehearsal. Martha is stuck in the elevator, and he saves her.

Donovan reveals to the women what Abigail said to his I Love you, and Martha says it's the same thing she said to Tom when he first said it to her.

It's a family dinner with Cassie, Sam, Grace, and Nick to celebrate their graduation.

Cassie had invited Linda, but she declined. She wants Nick to go to a school closer to home.

Nick is very disappointed to hear that and doesn't understand why she cares how far away he is since she'll still be in NY.

Grace loves the dress so much. She tries it on and falls in love.

That's when Cassie pops up. She just wanted her graduation to be something she'd never forget.

Everyone gathers for graduation. George wants someone to text him one of the ten thousand pictures they're taking. Then uncle what's his name showed up.

Abigail says she loves those guys, and it makes Donovan cringe.

Forever Young plays during the graduation scene.

There is a big party at Grey House. Grace and Nick open presents and food is all around.

Martha got Grace a snow globe with a wishing well to remind her of Middleton. And at the bottom of the bag, there is cold hard cash.

Abigail made a photo album for Grace. And there's also cash stuffed in there.

George is trying to drill open the safe. He hasn't made a dent even with combinations. Cassie tells him to try one more time because she's Cassie!

It's empty. There's nothing inside. Bad ending to a bad movie, he says. Cassie says maybe the movie isn't over yet.

Sam gave Nick a family heirloom, and then he opened the door to his bedroom revealing the best gaming rig on the planet with two monitors.

Abigail and Donovan make up a new thing - thank you.

Vincent tells Stephanie Lisa Gold wants to buy his half of the food truck. She thinks it's a win/win.

Linda thanks Sam for including her in the graduation gift. Nick wants to spend a couple of months with her before school starts.

Sam sees the open safe and eyes it quizzically. It's made of iron! Can they turn it to gold? There is an inscription in Latin on the back wall.

Where all four elements combine, ten feet under you will find. They head to the Middleton tunnels!

It's very windy under there, and Sam susses out that when the windmill burned down all four elements combined. The next clue should be right there. Jackpot!

There is a keyhole! Cassie got the key from Martha before they started their journey. It opens the walls! There is another chest in there. Inside that chest is what appears to be a music box. It is a music box!

They waited to play it so they could share the moment with Martha.

It's time to say goodbye to Linda and Nick.

So sad!

Donovan knocks on Abigail's door. She is dressed up and has dinner on the table. She wanted to surprise him. A toast to champagne.

The curse is keeping Abigail from saying the three words she wants to say to Donovan.

Grace and Cassie drink wildberry hibiscus tea together. Mrs. Hanson only had good things to say about Grace. Grace never realized it's not about the close you wear. It's about the story they tell. Cassie gives to Grace an antique sewing machine that has been passed down through the Merriwick generations.

Cassie has been waiting to give it to Grace since the day she was born.

The song stops playing on the music box, and a giant emerald pops out of the bottom. The diamond and the ruby are missing!

Three months later:

Cassie comes into the house. Grace is safely at Wellingsly ready to start her first design course.

Sam wants to start the new chapter in their lives right. They go outside, and he carries her across the threshold.


Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Donovan: Hey, so I saw this and thought of you.
Abigail: Wow. [opens jewelry box] You must think a lot of me. I love it!
Donovan: I love you.
Abigail. Oh. Thank you.
Donovan: Thank you.
Abigail: That's really nice to hear.
Donovan: Yeah, I suppose it is!

Linda: Oh, my baby is going to college. I can't believe it.
Nick: Alright, let's not make it weird.