Donovan: We're never going to put our marriage first.
Abigail: Well, I'm glad you think so.
Donovan: I think we've both known it for a long time.
Abigail: [crying] Maybe we have.
Donovan: Then what are we doing?

Martha: You've always been my rock, Tom. It's OK to be worried.
Tom: I can't imagine not being here for you.
Martha: Well then, don't imagine it.

Cassie: You do realize we're already married.
Sam: I do. This is a different kind of proposal.
Cassie: You have my attention.
Sam: But do I have your permission -- to take you around the world.

Adam: With this ring, I promise you my heart.
Stephanie: With this ring, I promise you my neverending love.

Joy: You're beautiful.
Zoey: Keep talkin'.

Sam: Are we going to see you two at the altar any time soon?
Samantha: Just as soon as you see a ginormous ring on this finger.
George: Careful. Henry at Middleton Jewelers owes me a favor.

Joy: I'm a witch!
Zoey: I wouldn't go that far, but what you didn't wasn't cool.
Joy: No, I don't think you understand. I'm an actual witch.

George: It's Adam. What are you scared of?
Stephanie: That it's Adam?
George: I don't follow.
Stephanie: He's just, he's so comfortable. Safe, you know? It's kind of the last thing I need right now.
George: Or the exact thing.

Your heart, your kindness, your compassion. That's the true heart of who you are.

Cassie's Mom

So two people who really care about you think you might be overdoing it. What do you think?


Zoey: One question.
Joy: Only one?
Zoey: Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
Joy: Definitely a good witch. For the most part.

Sam: Are we good?
Cassie: We're better. We'll work on good.

Good Witch Quotes

Sam: So, when's the big day gonna be?
Cassie: Halloween.

Emma: I was really hoping that we could get here at the same time, but, well, you'd have to talk to our commanding officers about lining up our schedules.
Stephanie: I don't think I'm powerful enough to be listened to by the united states marines.
Emma: Yeah. I wish I knew someone who was.