The Past Comes Back - The Handmaid's Tale
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The other Handmaid's decided to stand with June in light of Ofmatthews recent betrayal. Aunt Lydia noticed as the women took turns bullying Ofmatthew at a gathering for the arrival of Ofandys baby. With one Handmaid spitting into a glass of water she offered to her and another purposefully running into her. As the ladies prepared to leave Alma knocked a tray off of a table and blamed Ofmatthew. Both Janine and Aunt Lydia tried to reason with June, in hopes that the ladies would back off. June tried to talk to Commander Lawrence about Hannah, but he completely shut her down and sent her to her room. The Handmaids were forced to gather around June as she testified about her role in the Martha being killed. June decided to inform Lydia that Ofmatthew didn't want her baby, resulting in Ofmatthew being put in the hot seat. Aunt Lydia's past as a fourth-grade teacher was revealed, and we saw that she held some of the same Gilead beliefs before it even came to be. June unleashed her anger on Commander Lawrence as he tried to talk to her about his wife, Eleanor. Ofmatthew finally had a breakdown and took it out on Janine, who was the only one trying to be nice to her. After Janine tried to comfort Ofmatthew, she lost it and violently beat her with canned lobster. A guard attempted to approach her, but she smashed a glass against his face, stabbing him in the neck. Ofmatthew grabbed his gun and turned it on Aunt Lydia before being shot herself, and then dragged from the store as June looked on.    

The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Jim: Hard to believe teaching's your second career.
Lydia: Oh.
Jim: You're a natural.
Lydia: Well, family law was good practice. I mean, the system now is better because it's all been privatized, but then it was very frustrating. 'Cause you couldn't help as many children as you wanted to. You know?
Jim: I've never seen anyone so devoted. I've always admired you.
Lydia: I'm fond of you too.

Commander Lawrence: So. A boy or a girl? Mrs. Lawrence will want to know.
June: Dead.
Commander Lawrence: Oh. Well. She... She doesn't have to know that when you tell her. Maybe you could spend some time with her tomorrow. Playing Cards or something. You're... You're good with her. You're good for her. Anyway.
June: You act like you care about your wife. I mean, I... I know you don't give a shit about the rest of us. But you do realize that this world that you built here is destroying her. And that with one phone call, you could have her out. But you're keeping her hostage. You're not protecting her. You're killing her.
Commander Lawrence: I'll bet that felt good.