Away in a Manger - The Handmaid's Tale
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June is driving crazily, and when the car blows a tire, June flees. Serena gets in the driver's seat and when she gets close to June, June can hear Serena moaning. She's in labor, but it doesn't mean she's not waving a gun. June grabs it and tosses it aside.

That's when Serena says no hospital, they'll find her there.

June asks questions. Who did Serena shoot? Is she trying to get away? June spots a barn, and they make their way to it. Maybe it'll have a manger, June says.

They revisit the day Serena took Offred to a birthing.

June is giggling at Aunt Lydia's words, and she exchanges a look with Serena, who rolls her eyes. They find a connection.

Now, June is telling Serena to breathe. Serena asks if that's it, and June chuckles, "yeah, no."

It's not much of a barn, and Serena is already cold. June says she was in labor for 19 hours with Hannah, who almost broker her pelvis. She recalls that she was alone when giving birth to Nichole.

June cannot stand by while Serena suffers, and she helps, needing to check the cervix. Serena pushes her away, saying June is trying to kill her and her baby.

Fine! June heads back to the car to assess the damage.

June tries pushing the car from the ditch herself to no avail. She remembers that birth and how the girl was bleeding. The wives left as it got tougher. As Aunt Lydia told the doctors that it was god's will, June processed what was happening.

The men carry a lifeless OfClarence to a mobile table, and the girls recite prayers. They're giving her a cesarian. Aunt Lydia commands that June pray for the life of the child. The baby lives.

At the car, June doubles down on her efforts, moving floor mats to the wheel area and getting a large piece of wood to use for leverage. It works! The car is free. But June has to peel away some of the windshield to see through the damage.

June eyes the open road ahead but looks down at the blood on her hands. She's not that person, so she heads back to the barn.

This time, Serena allows June to help, and June emotionally pushes her through labor.

Serena cries that it hurts and she's so hot. June pushes her through. The baby's right there. She can do it. The baby is born.

They cry and laugh together over the new baby boy, and June returns to the memory of OfClarence's death.

Even then, Serena and June met for a moment of sorrow, their eyes meeting across the room.

Serena names her baby Noah. Savior of humanity, she says. As Serena coos to her son, June asks if it was worth it. June remembers the troubles she had feeding Hannah. Their conversation grows more personal.

Serena finally tells June that she cannot go to safety or the Wheelers will find her. That's who was following June. She felt like their handmaid. She felt like June.

Serena needs medical attention. She's feverish, and her baby is starving. June paints an ugly picture, and Serena says that maybe June should take him. Serena has nothing left.

She can't return to Canada or to Gilead. Maybe June can take him somewhere safe. She has a future. Serena knows that Luke is a good man and could teach Noah to be one, too, so he'd never do the things his parents did.

Serena thinks that God sent June to her today as an angel to care for her son. There are still angels, and maybe that's what June is for Serena.

Serena thinks she's the arc, the vessel. She carried the baby and delivered him, and held him. Maybe that's all that was meant for her in this life. Maybe it's God's will.

June takes the baby from Serena, a stunned look on her face. God's will, she whispers and looks right into the camera.

A vessel. That's what Serena thought she was, the handmaids were. Everything about them meant nothing to any of them except for their bodies as a vessel. Serena apologizes. June says it doesn't matter. They were people. They had lives. [see the enormous quote]

June takes Serena to the hospital and asks to use the phone.

When June returns to Serena in her room, Serena is worried. They took Noah to the Nicu. The baby was having trouble regulating his temperature and might be jaundiced. It's all so impersonal and medical, and Serena can't process it well.

She's not pleased to have gotten antibiotics or that Noah is on formula, but June promises it will be fine.

Serena says she just wants to go home, and June says there is no home, only where you are. When June gets up to leave, Serena thanks her.

June walks back to the lobby and finds Luke there. He's shocked that June was there when the baby was born. Luke can't process it. Then the authorities come for Serena.

Canadian immigration is detaining Serena. Luke called them. Serena has no immigration status and no immediate right to counsel. The child protection unit is already there to oversee his care.

Luke says, "at last, she knows what it feels like."

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Maybe it'll have a manger.


Are you in fucking labor? Of course, you are.