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June remembers cooking with Hannah, making pancakes. Immigration detention rings. Luke laughs that Serena must still think she and June are buddies, while Moira can't believe Serena thinks she deserved her help in the first place.

June says it wasn't about Serena. She didn't think her newborn deserved to die in the woods.

There are protestors outside, marching and beeping and screaming go home Americans. It's only going to get worse, June says.

Commander meeting. Joseph says how embarrassing it is to be running a country people are trying to escape. New Bethlehem is an island where people can return and reunite with their loved ones.

Won't people try to flee to New Bethlehem? Joseph wants to think about it as Hong Kong. One dude wants to vote no. Joseph says it's time to grow up and project a new image to the world with the moral fortitude that Commander Putnam didn't have.

Joseph and Nick are the new regime.

Serena is pumping her breasts, tears streaming down her face.

The Wheelers are fostering Noah, and Serena demanded Mrs. collected her milk. She apologizes for shooting Ezra, who Alanis says will live. Alanis speaks terribly about Noah, who she says cries all the time, so they're doing the cry out method, which hurts Serena. The two women argue about who is fit for motherhood.

June, Luke, and Moira are scrubbing nasty words off of the sidewalk, while others scream at them to leave.

Luke things they should get out of Toronto. Maybe Alaska, Hawaii, Europe. Commander Lawrence calls. He wants June to consider returning to Gilead via New Bethlehem. He paints a pretty picture and promises that she can be with Hannah again. Joseph says he's been grooming Nick, not sexually, and he's on board. He's always had June's back.

Luke tries to take that in, and it's a yeah, no situation. But June is considering it. She yearns to be reunited with Hannah. Luke doesn't believe it would work. She would risk anything to be with Hannah. Luke wants to get her out entirely. June wonders how. The American government hasn't done a thing for them, but Joseph helped her with many things. He's put his neck on the line over and over, as her friend.

Of course you don't understand, June says. Look what you did to Serena and her baby. Ouch.

He wants to protect her, but she doesn't need his protection. Hannah does.

Joseph visits Serena. He got the Canadian government to release her to Gilead custody. But he pulls the curtain when it comes to getting Noah. He's gotten the Wheelers to return to a room in the Wheeler house.

The optics are too good for him to deny. It's Serena's lacking legal status to care for her own baby that he holds over Serena's head.

Nichole is crying away, screaming for mama. It's the noise from outside that's driving her nuts. June plays a song for Nichole and lays down beside her. Luke finds her like that, with June telling Nichole she wants her to know her big sister.

June falls asleep to memories of Hannah. She wakes up to Mark talking in the living room. He's been talking to other families about New Bethelem. If June goes back, others will follow, thinking it's safe, and it will be the end of America.

June says that none of that matters to her without her daughter. They were captured getting information for the country, and what have they done with it?

He says they're launching a military action. June isn't even remotely impressed. When June asks Rita for advice, Rita says that she would travel to the ends of the earth to see her son again if there was any way she could.

June visits Serena, who greets her with a smile. She needs Serena's advice about New Bethlehem and whether she can trust Joseph. Serena asks June for help, and June reminds her that they're not friends.

June says she didn't forgive her. Serena uses the "we have a bond" thing on June, but June just shakes her head. It turns out that after all this, she's a better Christian than Serena.

June tells Serena to go back to the Wheelers. And as she spells it out, June realizes what she's going to do. She's going to go back.

June visits Joseph. She lays it on the line. Can he stop Hannah's marriage? He's flippant, and she sounds off about what he's done to women in Gilead. How they were raped and tortured, but Joseph says that it was worth it for a while before it got away from him and went septic. He's rather let the human race die out than have Gilead on his conscience. He says that's what New Bethlehem is. It's the better option. He can't save Hannah, but he can save Nichole. In five or ten years, all of Gilead would be like that. A nicer autocracy that doesn't trample on rights and allows people to leave. He needs her to fix it, and he wants her to help him do it.

He has to believe he can fix it. He has no choice. It's either that or kill himself like Eleanor.

When she gets home, June does some gardening. She remembers talking with Hannah about sharing the same moon no matter where they are.

June received a package. It's Hannah at the wives academy. It's very short, but she stops and looks at the camera. June says she needs to go. What's Luke going to do? The same thing he's done for the last seven years? Fucking nothing? She apologizes. She needs to go. Luke won't let her take Nichole to Gilead, and he won't go with her. He says they'll never be enough for her, will they? He doesn't understand how badly she needs to be with Hannah. And I don't understand why he won't go to be with them.

Joseph tells Nick that he thinks June will lean yes, and she and Nichole will be here in the next year or two. Joseph is offering Nick the commander position at New Bethlehem. He could have all of his women and children there.

June finds Luke watching the Hannah snippet again. Moira wonders if there's metadata hidden in the file, like where the video was taken. Mark will do everything to keep June and her family here, as she now represents the future of America.

Serena arrives at the Wheelers to a dour couple who look like puritans from an old painting. She grovels to them, and although they'll allow her to nurse, Alanis will be carrying out all of the duties of motherhood. Serena sams her fingernails into her palms trying to remain calm. But when she hears the baby, she runs upstairs to see him.

Luke gets a call, and it's not about Hannah, which sends June out of the house to the local market. Mark calls from a meeting. They found Hannah. They know where she is. They have a plan. There are a lot of moving parts, but they're moving forward. June runs the whole way home. They're going to get Hannah.

Hannah is gardening, looking at the sky, much like her mother.

The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid's Tale Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Alanis: That's not how cried out works, Serena. It requires a certain amount of mental toughness.
Serena: [whispers] Mental toughness, huh. [out loud] Right. I have overthrown a country, and I have, against all odds, given birth to a very healthy baby, and not once have I lacked for mental toughness.
Alanis: Are you angry with me, Serena?
Serena: Noah is one month old. He is far too young to be crying it out!

Can't we all agree, gentlemen, that it's embarrassing to be running a country in which people are constantly trying to escape?

Commander Lawrence